How much is it to book you?
Knowing if I meet your budget is a good start.  Even if I do not meet your budget ask if I can help.  I have many years in the industry as an educator, consultant and editorial session hairstylist.  I have worked with the best in the beauty industry, if I can not help you I may know someone who can.  My "starting at" rates are posted.  To find out an accurate rate fill out the "Contact Form" on the "Wedding " page on this website.  I will get back to you ASAP with an accurate quote.   
Will you also do my bridal party?
Yes, I may need more time to get everyone ready. 
Will you come to my venue?
At the salon or your location either option is available.
Do you offer hair extensions?
Yes, I do recommend hair extensions as an option for most Brides.  Hair extensions are a step closer to red carpet-ready hair.  They can give extra volume and help the hair to hold the waves/curls while resisting humidity.  Extensions offer the option for 1-day use or longer lasting extensions that will give you the hair of your dreams through your honeymoon.  
Do you also do makeup?
I do not do makeup for Brides.  I will help make a recommendation.
Do you offer a trial run?
A trial before your event is best. Not only does it give you a chance to see your dream look on you, but the trial is also an opportunity to discuss all options. 
I worked with a Bride who recently wanted her hair down with curl, thinking up styles would not look good on her. The trial offered her the opportunity to see an up-style option that she realized looks fabulous with her and is more fitting to her total look. 
Depending on how focused you are on your desired looks, I offer sessions that cover 1 look, 2 looks, or more.
Do you bring a team of hair stylists with you?
I will bring the hairstylists needed to have your team ready on time.   
What kind of products do you typically use?
I use the product I use in salon.  If you have allergy requirements or specific product you would like me to use, let me know.  I will accommodate when I can.
Can I see your portfolio?
Yes, my portfolio is accessible on line.  Follow the social links at the top of each page on this site as well as Wedding wire and The Knot to see my work.
How should I prepare my hair for my wedding day?
Each hair type is different, I will give you specific instructions on how to prepare your hair for the day of your wedding services.  
Do you have a list of references?
I can provide a list of references upon request.
What makes you different from other services?
"I need a team I can have fun with on my wedding day."
I agree you must have fun on your Wedding day, me too! I have chosen the talent I work with based on not only their skills but their likability as well. So, I understand.


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