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(If you do not see the look you are interested in my experience on, please ask, I may have an image of what you are looking for)
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I accept payment in the form of Venmo, Square, PayPal and cash

* Weddings requiring less than 1 day travel are a per person + travel rate
* Weddings requiring more than 1 day of travel are based on a day rate (travel day + day of event + travel expenses).  Most areas if an additional assistant is needed for your event size I can find an assistant local or travel with my own.  Let me know the details of your event and I can share a detailed rate schedule.

Yes, with a retainer and a signed contract.  A trial scheduled will not hold your date.

Because of what we do with hair and makeup relies on  the visual you;
* Video call is the best way to start- This helps us the beauty team see you, your hair and bone structure.  

Yes, to make sure I am prepared to recreate the look you want and that I am offering you the best possible options in service I need to have images.  To start please share images of the looks you like.  Along with images of your hair currently (1-side profile, 1- back showing hair length, 1- front showing hair in front length and texture).

Do you offer hair extensions?
Are you planning on giving your hair a little extra oomph? A lot of intricate updos and styled looks require extensions! Find out if your potential hairstylist offers that as part of their services. They’ll likely cost extra, but if it’s something you want, it’s totally worth it.

Do you also do makeup?
It might be helpful to book a hairstylist who also does makeup so you don’t have to deal with two separate vendors, two separate contracts, etc. Check in with them and see if they can also do makeup, if not, they’ll likely have someone they can recommend.

Do you offer a trial run?
You’ll definitely want to make sure your stylist offers the opportunity to test out a few ‘dos before you decide on one. Your wedding day is certainly not the time to be trying out new hairstyles, especially if you plan to get extensions! Find out if this an extra fee or if it’s included in the final cost.

Will the same person who does my trial do my hair on my wedding day?
Hopefully the answer to this is yes! You want your trial stylist to be with you on the big day because they’ll be the most informed about what worked and didn’t. He or she is the most familiar with your hair and will know exactly what you like and don’t like, so make sure they’re available!

Do you bring a team of hair stylists with you?
This is good info to know so you can give yourself enough time to get ready. If it’s just going to be one or two people styling you and your eight bridesmaids, you’ll need to start earlier! However, if there’s going to be a hairstylist for every two girls, you can wait it out a little bit before you start primping

What kind of products do you typically use?
Find out what kind of hair products the salon typically uses. Notify them if you’d prefer to not use one of the specific products or if you have an allergy related to a product. If you have certain ones you’d like them to use, find out if you’re allowed to make requests, or if they can use your products instead. Finding all this out beforehand will make the trial and wedding day run much smoother.


When it comes to choosing your bridal hair look, we know you’ve probably pinned a ton of styles, or maybe you are choosing to go with a look that “looks like you.” Are you are torn between ideas? We’re here to help, babes! We chatted with expert stylists around the world to answer your most-asked bridal hair questions! From transitioning your look from day-to-night to how to prepare your hair for the big day, our stylists have got you covered.

Q: How should I prepare my hair for my wedding day?
A: “I get asked this question a lot and I always try to educate my clients on the importance of prepping their hair based on the specific hairstyle that they are hoping for. Firstly, the myth of having day old dirty hair is a thing of the past. I highly recommend coming to your wedding day appointment with clean, dry hair. I also always recommend prepping the hair with either a volumizing mousse for those with thicker hair or a texturizing spray for those with thinner hair. This will allow your hairstylist a clean, well-prepped canvas to create your dream hairstyle on.” — Breanne Petersen, Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective

A: “For my clients with straight hair, I prefer that their hair is “one day dirty” meaning they have washed and dried their hair the day before the trial/wedding date. However, for clients whose hair becomes very oily after just one day, I suggest that they wash and dry their hair the morning of their appointment. For clients with curly hair, who want to keep their natural curls intact, I suggest they wash and dry (using a diffuser) their hair the morning of, as well as utilize their preferred hair care products.” — Mandi Neuhardt, Beauty Brigade

A: “This is one of the main questions I get asked, as some brides prefer to only style their own hair, without the use of hair extensions. There is a common misconception that Afro hair does not grow. The average hair growth is 1/2 an inch a month, so the amount of time a bride has does play a factor with how much hair growth can be achieved. There are many things that can be done from taking vitamins, including certain foods in their diet, knowing your hair type, finding the right products and having a good hair routine that is consistent is very important. There are current hair trends within the natural hair community, such as using black rice water for hair growth. However, there are many different options, so research and investigation is the key to finding the best solution for you.” — Aina.M, Brides by Aina.M

Q: I am torn between styles, should I wear my hair up or down?
A: “There are a few factors to consider, when making this decision. So I like to ask my clients these questions in order to help them make a decision:

Weather/time of year: Will it be hot and humid? If yes, opt for an updo!
Hair texture: Does your hair hold curls well? If so, then go for that down style! If not, I’d suggest an updo or braided style.
Wedding dress cut or style: You just paid thousands of dollars for that amazing dress with the open back: SHOW IT OFF! Don’t want a full updo? Opt for a side swept style!
After answering these questions, if you really can’t make a decision between styles, then change your style between the ceremony and reception! Start with an updo and have your stylist either stay or have them show you how to create a different style after the ceremony.” — Mandi Neuhardt, Beauty Brigade

Q: Should I wear a veil/ hair accessory?
A: “This is such a personal option in my opinion, but I think if your accessory or veil has a meaningful story behind it, or you feel more “bridal” with it, then absolutely! Just know you don’t have to have a veil. When you are standing in front of friends and family at the alter, that’s when the back or profile view of the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about will be the star of the show, so no need to cover it with a veil if you are not 100% sold on it.” — Ashley Franke, Ash Franke Styles

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Q: How do I prepare my natural afro hair the night before my wedding day?
A: “This really depends on the hairstyle that will be created on the day of your wedding. This is not a one answer “fits all styles” solution. However, if a bride is going to have an updo, for example,  I would suggest preparing the hair using the LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method with products best suited to their hair type. This is the “tried and tested” way to lock in moisture and ensure that the hair is nourished and looking vibrant for the day ahead. It is always good to sleep with a silk hair bonnet or pillow to protect the hair from friction and fizzing. Some brides will already have a night time hair routine in place and know what products work for their hair. So its best to stick with what works leading up to their day but always happy to provide personal tips and tricks.” — Aina.M, Brides by Aina.M

Q: Do all my bridesmaids need to have the same hairstyle?
A: “NO! Just like our favorite trend of mix and match dresses, jumpsuits, pantsuits, etc. hair is not one size fits all. While I always ask my brides to have a general idea of the vibe they want to portray (relaxed, ethereal, glam, etc.) I think this is a great way for attendants to express themselves a little more! I mean we loved them for who they are!” — Colleen Calder, Aphrodite Salon

Q: Should I change my natural hair part to accommodate the hairstyle I want?
A: “If you are comfortable with the change, then absolutely YES!  However, I have had many clients who see a style in a photo that portrays the opposite of how they wear their hair on a daily basis, and once I’ve styled it as the photo shows, they ultimately decide against it because “they don’t look like themselves”. So one question I am always sure to ask, is how do you wear your hair on a daily basis? This helps me determine their level of comfort to change,  when designing a style unique to them!” — Mandi Neuhardt, Beauty Brigade

Q: My hair is really short, but I want a style that has length and volume. Can it be created?
A: “Afro hair is very versatile and it is an amazing canvas to be creative with. If a bride has short natural hair, I can create a beautiful bridal style by adding extra hair to construct their desired style. Hair extensions come in so many varieties, colors, lengths and textures to blend in with a bride’s natural hair type. Hair can be added by weaves, clip in hair, padding or by simply using Bobby pins. The fun and possibilities are endless!” — Aina.M, Brides by Aina.M

A: “We really like hair extensions to give an extra volume and will help the hair to hold the waves/curls. Also it can help to construct better updos!” — Alex Corbanezi

Q: Is my hair type suited for this style?
A: “I always tell my brides that this is assessment I always like to make BEFORE the wedding, this is why I require a trial run for all booking brides, just like your wedding dress, your wedding hair needs to be “tried on” not many people wear these formal styles daily, so you have to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the style you’ve chosen as your inspiration on YOU and not just on the person modeling it.” — Ashley Franke, Ash Franke Styles

Q: Will my hairstyle last all day?
A: “One of my biggest goals with each hairstyle that I create is for it to last all day and night! Your hairstylist will take many measures to ensure your style looks stunning after a full day of laughing, hugging and dancing. If the style that you are hoping for will not work for your hair type and texture we will work with you to create a compromise that achieves a similar style that is more suited to your individual hair needs and will last all night.” — Breanne Petersen, Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective

We can’t wait to see how you rock your wedding day look! Searching for more bridal hair tips?


2. Do you have a list of references?
Why you need to know: While looking at their portfolio is essential for gauging their expertise, actually looking at the reviews of past clients can help you get the inside scoop on things like promptness, attitude and professionalism. If possible, research and possibly speak to at least two to three references. The best place for you to start is The Knot Marketplace if your beauty pro has a vendor site with reviews.
-Reveiws (google, wedding wire, the knot), my client list and experience on linkedin you are welcome to contact anyone who I have worked with and speak with them about my work ethic and abiltiy & willingness to make your hair the best it can be.

6. How many weddings do you do in one day? (Will mine be the only one, or will you have to get to another wedding or event?)
Why you need to know: Get a sense of their schedule for that day so you don't feel like they have to scramble to finish your hair. If your stylist is only preparing your hair for the ceremony, it might not be a problem if they're working multiple weddings in one day. But if you want your hairstylist on deck for the ceremony and the reception, make sure they're available to block out the whole day just for you (and don't forget to ask what the extra fee will be).

7. Will you do a trial run before the wedding?
Why you need to know: Chances are the trial will be your first time assessing their skills in person. Provide them with reference images and bring any bridal headpiece (veil, tiara, comb) you plan to wear on your wedding day. Editor's note: Before you schedule your trial, find out if they charge extra for the service.

8. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only stylist that day?
Why you need to know: If the ladies in your bridal party are also getting their hair done, look for a stylist who has an assistant or two. The assistants can work on your bridal party at the same time your stylist is getting you aisle-ready. This will also cut your prep time in half and ensure no one feels rushed getting ready.

9. How long will my hairstyle take?
Why you need to know: Knowing the prep time will help you manage your day. Don't forget to account for your bridal party as well. Your hair will take the longest, so give yourself at least two hours with your hairstylist and at least one hour for each bridesmaid. You should also be the last person to have your hair done so yours is the freshest—you're the bride after all.

10. What will happen if you're ill or have an emergency on the wedding day?
Why you need to know: This may be last on the list of bridal hair consultation questions to ask, but it's so important. If your hairstylist has to cancel on short notice, there should be a contingency plan. Will they provide another stylist, a refund or will their assistant take their place? If they have a backup hairstylist, make sure to meet them beforehand.

put a recommendation, do not wait.  we are all busy, a trial does not mean your date is reserved.    if you want me for your date place the deposit
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