A Night Out- September TBD
Night out- You share- Opportunity to meet/ network and share your successes and goals for the past season, (Special guest) ​​​​​​​
Business of 1- September TBD
Decoding Success in the Modern World
Embark on a dynamic one-day experience crafted exclusively for 'The Business of 1'. This experience is tailored to equip you with vital skills to cultivate and expand your business. Come together with your peers to unravel the essential elements that will empower you to thrive in the contemporary world. Join us for a day of exploration and discovery as we guide you towards success in the evolving landscape of Entrepreneurship.
Join us for an immersive 1-day experience where you'll discover the must-have skills to craft and maintain a sleek, organized, and effortlessly cool brand. Elevate your brand game and stay ahead with this essential session!
The Referral- August TBD
"Ready to acquire the skills needed to join elite hairstyling teams at Fashion Week? Collaborate with industry leaders, secure referrals, and embark on a 6-month commitment to enhance your expertise.
Program Highlights:
Referrals to Top Teams: Gain access to exclusive opportunities by securing referrals to renowned hairstyling teams.
6-Month Development Program: Work through a comprehensive program designed to refine your skills and prepare you for collaboration with Fashion Week hair teams.
Blended Learning Approach: Engage in a mix of remote and in-person projects, with a monthly in-person test-out session to progress to the next stage.
In-Person Sessions:
Duration: 6 sessions
Frequency: Once a month
Remote Exercises/Tasks:
Frequency: 1 assignment per week
Total: 26 assignments over the 6-month period
Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a transformative experience, developing the skills needed for any level show or shoot. Join us on an exciting journey filled with real-world projects and hands-on experiences.
Elevate your career—your referral to success awaits! Seize the chance to shape your hairstyling future and be a part of the Fashion Week elite."
Portfolio Building Sessions
Makeup Hands on 
Hair looks from the front
How to prep a look for client
How to control frizz through the day
4 hour session advanced updo
2 min up do sessions
Curl & fine hairstyling
Specialize the haircut


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