Bill Schrlau
Bill Schrlau has been creating stunning work as both a freelance stylist and part of Salon teams for many years.  His impressive line-up includes working shows and events for designers, music videos while also snagging editorial, advertising opportunities. Bill has shared his experience as an educator, guest writer and contributor to several publications.  His work has been featured in many industry publications. Bill brings his experience, skill and passion to his work with you on your project. Whatever aesthetic you desire, Bill will work to make your look come true.

The NAB Group
Hey there! I'm Bill Schrlau, lead creative behind The NAB Group. 

Our mission is about your experience. We want to help make your career and world better. 

Life's a bit messy, and if you're ready to work for it, we’ve got your back. “It's not always beautiful”, but we're about results. We've got the tools to help you succeed. 

Check out our services:

Coaching: It's about personal growth. Our sessions kick off with an assessment to find your specialized needs, goals, and commitment to crushing it.

Consulting: Team and business development is what we do!. We'll check your operations, your people, assess needs, and work with you and your team to map out the road to success.

Education: Let's keep it real, knowledge is power. Our sessions are designed to guide you through the steps needed for serious growth.

And hey, if you want us to bring our wisdom to your event, we'd be stoked! 
Whether you want a custom program or a talk on a hot topic, we've got you covered.